It is no secret that having a modern-decorated home will allow you to sell for a higher price, so what are the upcoming interior design trends for 2022?

Home gardening

2022 Interior Design Trends

Since numerous lockdown periods limited people from spending their usual desired time out within nature, the sale of house plants increased dramatically. Aside from being shown to clean the air within your home, reduce stress and elevate your mood, house plants are also a quick and easy way to freshen up a tired-looking room.  Many species of indoor plants are very low maintenance requiring little space and time, some plants even thrive in low levels of light and infrequent watering making them the perfect easy addition to any room.

Although it may be tempting to fill any empty space with a plant you need to pick your placement carefully as adding too many indoor plants can make your room look more like a greenhouse. It is also a good idea to group your plants and ensure matching pots that compliment the current styling of the room.

Some great low-maintenance house plants to look at include:

Spider Plants, Sansevieria, Cacti, Swiss Cheese Plant and Aspidistra.



2022 Interior Design Trends

This modern and simplistic trend is expected to be key in 2022. Minimalism can really open up a room and enhance the practicality of a space.  The purpose of minimalism design is to create a clean and uncluttered space, usually combining an open floor plan with a central purpose of the room. It can be characterised by lots of light, functionality and essential furniture with the absence of excessive decoration or ornaments.

Although a clean and clutter-free space can create a sense of freedom and relaxation, it can also appear clinical and unhomely. To ensure that your minimally-styled space is also welcoming, it is recommended that you incorporate many different shades and textures, you can do this by adding rugs, wooden features and textured wallpapers.






2022 Interior Design Trends

Neutral colour palettes have been a firm favourite for the last number of years with grey topping the chart, however, in 2022 beige is likely to set to return. Beige features in a room give a cosy and homely feel to living spaces and tend to present a warmer aesthetic than cooling greys.  As a neutral tone, beige can compliment current interior colour schemes including reds, pinks, yellows, greens and blues meaning it can be incorporated into your current interior style.

Another benefit to beige is that it works for rooms of all sizes, it can cosy up an expanse of space and simultaneously open up a small one.  As it is an understated colour you can choose which features of a room you would like to stand out against the beige for example furniture or artwork. Similarly, beige has a long shelf life and will stay in fashion for years so there is no worry of having to redecorate the next year.



Home Offices

2022 Interior Design Trends

The pandemic has had many people working from home either on temporary or permanent arrangements, due to this, the need for home office space has significantly increased. Many individuals have been told that they are unlikely to return to office environments on a full-time basis so a separate room in a home is the ideal solution. However, this is not always possible, so on many occasions, it is about making the most out of space that is already available therefore, many home offices are compiled from a small space within living areas or kitchens.

For home offices, the space needs to be light and airy, near a window tends to work well as this will make the area a more pleasant environment to work in. The space should be organised with functional storage making it easier for you to work. If possible, it is a good idea to purchase office furniture that is in keeping with the room’s current décor, this will help the home office to blend into the rest of the room, making it a feature rather than an add on.






2022 Interior Design Trends

A key interior design trend for 2022 will be reviving the 70’s retro. Key components will involve strong design elements that are immediately recognisable from standard home interiors, including a blend of bold colours, patterns and materials. It is suggested that people are turning towards brighter colours and patterns signifying a brighter future ahead as attitudes towards current affairs are becoming more positive.

Fringed rugs and macramé will be making a comeback as well as rattan furniture adding a slightly bohemian feel to the revamped retro style. Although bright colours are a big part of the 70’s retro style, you can also choose to incorporate less intimidating aspects to your interior, try adding mustard yellow or deep green accents to the room either through the use of sofa throws, pillows or lighting. Velvet is also a key fabric for this style of décor so choosing velvet soft furnishings can also be a nod to the 70’s theme.





Multi-functional space

2022 Interior Design Trends

Behaviours surrounding the activities that people undertake at home have significantly changed in recent years, with homes having to become offices, schools and gyms. This need for multi-functional space is likely to continue into 2022, but what does this mean for open plan living spaces?

It is sometimes now not convenient to have multiple spaces opened up into one big room. Although giving the illusion of a larger space, it can cause problems when someone needs to begin work from home whilst another member of the house wants to start a home workout. Partitions are a good way to create some separation between spaces to allow for their multi-functionality. Partitions can be functional or purely decorative depending on your preferences. Great partition ideas include sliding doors, curtains, open shelving or decorative structures.






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Published on 20th October 2021