Add value to your home


Has the Christmas period highlighted some areas of your home you want to improve? Some home improvements can not only improve the feel of your home but add value. Here are some simple DIY home improvements you can make to add value to your home.


Add value to your Home


Highlight original features:

Has your home got some beautiful original features that aren’t being highlighted and shown in their true light? Simply by highlighting original features can be a huge selling point if you came to sell. Original features are incredibly desirable and can really catch a potential buyer’s eyes. If you have a feature that is unique or special and makes your property stand out against a number of other potential properties buyers are looking for. Additionally by highlighting original features your home will feel more lux for both you and others if you decide to sell.



Kitchen makeover:

Add value to your Home

The kitchen is often known as the heart of the home but due to all the time spent in there after time you may want to give it an update. A fully new kitchen is a large expense, can you reuse and rejuvenate the current kitchen you have.

You can bring a new lease of life to your kitchen cabinets by adding a pop of colour- rather than replacing a perfectly good cabinet could you simply paint over the existing ones and brighten your space up. Sanding the cabinets down prior to painting will help the paint to apply better and be able to grip the material. Painting the cabinets and creating a good finish can make the room look brand new and would leave people to believe you’ve got a brand-new kitchen when it’s taken some time, love, and a tin of paint.

Tile stickers- Changing your tiles is a huge undertaking- don’t worry there is a simple solution to give you the effect but save you the mess and the expense. Tile stickers are a quick fix and can simple be stuck upon original tiles changing the look of the kitchen in a few minutes.

Changing the doors- If the cabinets are in good condition and the carcass is still usable you can purchase new doors reducing the cost of replacing the entire unit drastically but delivering a brand-new feel to the kitchen.


Add value to your Home

Clever storage ideas:

Storage is an important part of any home and a desirable prospect for potential buyers if you were to sell.

Having sleek and organised storage can leave you with more room and give the house a new feel. Storage doesn’t have to be simply practical but can be a design feature to your home. You could purchase some shelves or even use old scaffolding planks to create a rustic look yourself and give yourself a DIY project to be proud of. Adding shelves or additional storage anywhere in the house can be a remedy for storage and be a great way to hide away or showcase some of your favourite belongings.


Garden makeover:

Add value to your Home

A garden can make or break a home sale. Having a useable and safe space can be a real selling point.

Work within the garden can be expensive and can be a large project to undertake. There are many small changes that can really uplift the garden and make the garden come to life.

Simple garden maintenance as small as it may seem it can really be basic landscaping that can make the world of difference. Start by pulling weeds, cutting the grass back and planting

 some flower beds. Thinking about bright flowers to draw the eye to the garden. Bright flowers will brighten the garden and can be great to create the feeling of space.  Additionally, painting the fence can create an illusion of space being bigger as well as making it look new and more aesthetically appealing.

Having a garden that is preened and ready for a new buyer can increase curb appeal and impact potential buyers’ interest. Any home with a large amount of work can put off many buyers who don’t want to or are unable to take on the additional work needed to make the house suitable for them.


Add value to your Home

New fittings:

Changing fittings can add up but can also lead to a change of style and lead the room to have a whole different feel. This can be as simple as changing the taps within the bathroom- changing the colour, style… can make the bathroom and lead to them becoming more of a feature.

Even changing the shade on your lights can give the room an entirely different feel and make the room feel more lux, and modern. The number of different options for lights nowadays gives you a huge range of options to suit any style and give any room the lift you are aiming for.

New fittings will be appealing to possible buyers and will show the care shown to the home. To you, it may seem like a small change but to a potential new buyer and new set of eyes it can be very appealing.


What do you plan on doing around your house this year? If we have inspired you to take on a DIY project, and you want to remortgage to free up some additional funds- please contact us.


DIY Home Improvements to add value to your Home


Published on 26th January 2022