First meeting with a  Mortgage Advisor


Have you ever wondered what the first meeting with one of our advisors would be like, what would be covered and what you would need? Wonder no more- we have all the information detailed in this post.

First Meeting with a Mortgage Advisor


At Windsor Hill Mortgages we pride ourselves on providing you with the best service and ensuring we provide consistent and thorough support throughout your entire process. We are focused on quality rather than quantity and provide a tailored process throughout. We will be here during the entire process as a port of call for you.

Buying a house can be a stressful experience and we aim to remove the stress leaving you feeling assured knowing our experienced mortgage advisors will ensure they do all they can for you to secure your dream house.


Meeting with a mortgage advisor

The first meeting with our advisors is entirely free- we do not charge at this point, the fee will only be charged at the point you receive an official mortgage offer i.e., the lender has fully approved your finance, during this time the expenses and when the payment would be is discussed if you wish to proceed with the advisor’s support.

When you first meet one of our advisors their main aim will be to get to know what your goals are. We will try and establish what your needs are and assess how we can meet them. We will do this by finding out what you are looking to do such as purchasing a property, buying a property to rent or a building project you are ready to undertake. By doing this we can then begin the process and start to get into more detail.


Assessing your affordability

The first stage would be completing what is known as a fact find, this is where we collect information regarding you and your finances, we do this to help provide you with a greater understanding of the type of mortgage you are looking for at being able to get. By getting the answers to the questions asked we can fully assess your requirements and assess your affordability. Once we have assessed your affordability you are then equipped to know what funds you have and can assist you in providing this to estate agents while you are searching if so needed.



How long will a mortgage application take?

This fact finds roughly take 30 mins however each case is different and if more detailed checks are needed to be carried out then there may be more time needed for the meeting to ensure we have covered all basis and found out all we need to provide you with the best information personalised to you that we can. By answering the fact find we can begin to look at lenders and find the most appropriate and best lender to meet your needs and hopefully ensure we can get it secured and begin on the process with you.


The process will be different depending on your requirements i.e., whether you are trying to remortgage, buy your first home, or a whole host of other areas we can support you with.



First Meeting with a Mortgage Advisor

Our reviews are a great way to see what previous clients have felt about the support our advisors provide and can further give you a greater understanding of us as a company and an insight into how we work and the service you will receive.

First Meeting with a Mortgage Advisor


If you want to find out more about then contact one of our advisors today on 01225 926456. We will do the utmost to find an appointment time to suit you and make sure from start to finish our dedicated advisors will be a port of contact for any queries you may have.


Your home may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments of your mortgage.


First Meeting with a Mortgage Advisor Somerset


Published on 4th February 2022