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How a Mortgage Company Works

How a Mortgage Company Works – Windsor Hill mortgages is a small mortgage company based just outside Bath, but supporting people from all around the UK. After starting with just our director Oliver we now have 5 full-time staff and looking to expand even further this year. From February 2020 with one advisor to now a number of people all with their specific roles the office is always a busy place to be.

With it being careers week, it has got us thinking about giving you an insight into the job roles within our office and possible jobs within the financial industry. At Windsor Hill, our office runs with us all doing our different roles alongside each other and with plenty of yummy treats, cups of tea, music, and plenty of laughter helps us work hard to do the best for our clients.


Mortgage advisor:

How a Mortgage Company Works, Bath, Ealing,

We currently have 3 experienced mortgage advisors within our team, including our director, Oliver. Their jobs are diverse and can be all hours of the day and 7 days a week. Our advisors work tirelessly for all our clients, and this can mean early morning meetings or late-night calls to relieve any worries a client may have regarding their home purchase. The advisors ensure each client is thoroughly supported throughout their entire process being able to ask any questions whenever their client has them, aiming to respond as promptly as possible to provide the answers and reassurance at what can be a stressful time for them, we aim to remove and reduce this.

Their role is to secure the mortgage offer, no matter how complex it may be, and advise on the appropriate insurance for the clients. The advisors are experts in complex mortgage cases and can help with first-time buyer mortgages, remortgage, and buy to rent mortgages – they are prepared to handle any case for their clients.

They can also help with development finance cases, for this we act as introducers only.

As part of their role there are countless meetings, emails and calls being made to ensure the client receives their mortgage offer and in turn, achieve their dream home. At Windsor Hill, the aim is to provide the best service to every client making the process one that is seamless and as straightforward for them as we can make it. Our advisors work tirelessly to ensure this and focus on the client’s experience, using their years of experience and expertise to achieve this.


Mortgage and protection case manager:

How a Mortgage Company Works, Bath, EalingOur wonderful Aimee is our mortgage and protections case manager and has several different roles to carry out within her job. Within her role, she helps our advisors with the admin involved with cases. This means your cases are always being chased and kept on top of ensuring you get into your new home and mortgage offers as quickly as we can get them- we had a new record in January of an offer in just over a minute. As a mortgage case manager, she is in charge of new and ongoing cases for all our advisors and has a vast knowledge of mortgages. Aimee also has to contact lenders and make sure the timelines and deadlines are being met. She will also be a port of call for lots of clients and like our dedicated mortgage advisors around throughout. Aimee is incredibly organised, driven, and helpful- always ready to answer clients’ questions and ensure their cases are moving through promptly.

Marketing assistant:

Within my role as the marketing assistant, there are several different tasks. Starting with our social media, there are so many different avenues even within this specific area. An important part of social media is our posts, I create the posts with the team’s support and ensure we are providing you all with the most updated information and making sure we make our message clear as to what we as a company do. This means I use many different social platforms to not only create the photos but to share the finished project and to interact with clients and peers.

As part of my job, I keep up to date with the latest news within the industry and try to get this information out in an appropriate way to you and hopefully receive engagement to show it’s a conducive way to interact. On the social media and online side, I write blogs- such as now! Part of this is trying to condense information into an easy-to-read blog post for those searching for certain answers to find. Additionally, I send emails out to let those who have said they want to find out more about us and stay up to date with us through this means.

Another aspect of my job is arranging things for our tradeshows- we have 2 tradeshows lined up for later in the year and this means I have specific work related to them. I spend time researching upcoming tradeshows we can go to so that we can meet new clients and other great companies within the financial industry. With a tradeshow coming up I will be sorting printed information and ensuring we have all we need to have a fantastic stand and bring all our crucial information for potential clients with us.

There are many fun and interesting parts to my job the role is incredibly creative and has enabled me to learn so much, every day I learn new things and use this to hopefully continue to improve. This is a role very new to me and the team all chip in with creative ideas enabling some great ideas and up to date, expert information to be put out.

How a Mortgage Company Works, Bath, Ealing

Working as part of a growing and thriving company means constant excitement and each day is different. Working as a diverse team from mortgage advisors to marketing we all share the same passion and ethos of providing personalised and professional service to every single client. By being a growing company with experienced mortgage advisors, you can feel the difference in our quality over quantity approach, something that as we grow has not and will never change. We are based in Somerset, but advise across the UK and specialise in Bath, Ealing and Somerset properties.

If you want to know more about how we can make your dreams a reality, contact us on 01225 962456.


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Published on 7th March 2022