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As part of our new sponsorship with Ealing Trailfinders rugby club, we had the exciting task of filming an advert. The advert is to be shown at the home rugby matches for Ealing and shows potential clients how we can help them to achieve their dreams.  We wanted to show you how to film an advert behind the scenes, keep reading to find out how we filmed our advert.

How to film an advert- Behind the Scenes

Planning an advert

When we knew we would be making an advert the creative process started and we were off to research, plan and prepare. We began by looking for a videographer. We were lucky enough to have a recommendation for Tom. His expertise definitely helped us through this exciting new process.

After securing our videographer- it was now time to plan, what did we want to tell our wonderful clients and future clients in 30 seconds? How could we sum up all we do in that short period

How to film an advert- Behind the Scenes

 of time? This was when we began the creative process- after many ideas and going back and forth with the help of Tom we managed to decide on an idea, trying to highlight how through all the stages of your life we can help you create your dream, whatever it may look like for you.

Our advert shows from leaving home and purchasing your first home, on to your family growing and how you move on to meet the needs of your family, your life, and the way it moves.  We can help you to reach your dream whatever that may be buying your first home, remortgaging for an extension, building your forever family home, the list goes on. One advert can’t simply, sum up the diversity of each client’s home buying journey, but we wanted to show how we move through these stages with you- however, it looks for you.

How to film an advert- Behind the Scenes

How to film an advert- Behind the Scenes

Behind the scenes of an advert

After all the prepping it was finally advert day.  Due to it being our first advert the whole experience was new to us all, and we were all excited to see how the day was going to go.

We had two wonderful actors-Ella and Jasper and of course the mini star of the show Lorenzo. Who said never work with children, a star in the making!

As part of our advert, we had 4 scenes to film. Each scene would be set in a different time of life and need a different feel. The first job we had was to arrange the correct rooms, styling, and lighting for each scene- Tom explored the house and used his creative flair to ensure each scene stood out yet flowed effortlessly.  Once the plan for each scene was set in place, it was time to get the lighting up, the equipment prepared and the actors in place.

                       How to film an advert- Behind the ScenesHow to film an advert- Behind the Scenes  How to film an advert- Behind the Scenes


Our wonderful secret location was beautiful and enabled us to move through showing the different stages of life and how through many moves, we can support our clients through each stage. We filmed most scenes within this location with one being filmed in Bristol at a different location.

Our advert for Ealing is 30 seconds, and so we had a lot to pack in! We began filming at just after 10 am and went through till about 3 pm. Tom is experienced and was able to move swiftly throughout each scene making adaptations as he had more creative ideas, it was great to watch.

By early afternoon we had worked through most of the scenes and had our advert starting to take shape. This meant, we could take a brief detour and see the wonderful animals at the secret location- babies, dogs, and cows, it was a great start to the week!

How to film an advert- Behind the Scenes

How to film an advert- Behind the Scenes

Once Tom had filmed all the scenes he needed within the secret location- he moved over to the second location to film the final scene, and it was done. Advert day was done, and the wait began to see the final product. Tom had to take the footage away and work his magic behind the scenes to edit all the clips into one seamless and stadium worthy advert.

How to film an advert- Behind the ScenesHow to film an advert- Behind the ScenesHow to film an advert- Behind the Scenes

Fuelled by tea and cake the day flew by. Having an experienced team behind the scenes means we have been left with a beautiful advert we are incredibly proud of that highlights all the work we do at Windsor Hill Mortgages and can showcase to our clients and future clients the passion behind all our team.

Behind the scenes of an advert is certainly a great place to be and we hope that this little insight into the creative experience of the advert, highlights the passion and thought poured into it.

Check out our wonderful advert!


Windsor Hill Mortgages Official Advert


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How to film an advert- Behind the Scenes


Published 11th March 2022