Top spring cleaning tips

Spring Clean Your Home

It’s the time of year to spring clean your home and get your Mrs Hinch clean on! It can feel daunting on where to start with your spring clean, but fear not, we have some of our top tips to make your home “spark you with joy” in the words of Maria Kondo. A clean home and a clean mind are the best way to start any new season.


Make a plan for your spring clean

Before starting your spring clean, coming up with a plan is the place to start. When you have a whole house to clean, create a plan on where you are going to start, what needs to be done and generally know what your plan of attack for the cleaning is. If you are working as a team to complete the cleaning, then setting everyone a room or job can ensure all the house is tackled and everyone is clear on their role in the spring clean. If you have an idea of all the jobs you want to get done during your spring clean then you know what you will need; being prepared is always the best way to get jobs done efficiently.

With a large job such as a spring clean, budgeting your time can help ensure you get the job done within a timescale that works for you and fits with your busy lifestyle. Everyone will have a different time scale for their spring clean and working out yours will help you stay on task and not overwork in one room. At Windsor Hill Mortgages, we love a list or a spreadsheet to budget our time, so we know what we have to do and when it needs to be done, so get your lists ready. It will structure your spring clean and be revolutionary.

Spring Clean Your Home


Get ready

Before starting any job, it’s crucial to make sure you have all the equipment and products you need. This means ensuring you have all your products to hand, so you have them with you. A wicker caddy will come in handy to put everything in – that way you know you have the resources ready for whatever job you are doing and saves time. You don’t need a lot of products and a multi-surface cleaner can be used for several different tasks which cut down the costs of purchasing lots of additional cleaners. Ensure you have your microfibre cloths and bleach at the ready and you are good to go! Being prepared makes sure you can just get started and work through, speeding along on your spring clean and keeping you on schedule.


Declutter first

If you want to get stuck into your spring clean, it can be very hard with clutter getting in the way. Getting it down to a more manageable amount and giving some preloved items new homes can not only give the feeling of a cleaner home but make your cleaning much easier. Go through your wardrobe and your cupboards and anything that doesn’t “spark joy” can go to a charity shop and make someone else’s day. It can be hard to part with items that have memories but a decluttered house can make you feel much better and feel less cluttered yourself – it’s a win-win!

Spring Clean Your Home



A top tip to any spring clean or cleaning job it is always best to start from the top and work down- we think this is a staple piece of advice. This gives you a clear plan and you can work one room at a time and complete one floor before finishing in the kitchen….. perfect for a well-deserved cuppa and some biscuits! Breaking down a job, such as a whole house, into certain rooms, floors and specific tasks can make it more manageable and enable you to take a break if you need one.


Cover all bases

If you are cleaning already, you might as well do it all. You have designated a certain amount of time to complete your tasks, so now is the time to do all the jobs you’ve put off like washing the skirting boards, sorting the blinds and curtains, cleaning a pet’s bed, even cleaning the oven and fridge. It can be cathartic to clear out of date jars and cans from your kitchen cupboards. If you have all your cleaning products out, then you might as well do them. You will feel so much better-knowing everything has been done and you can avoid those jobs for a few more months without the guilt.

spring clean your home


Finishing touches

The spring clean is finished- you’ve done it. Think about the final finishing touches to highlight your sparkling surfaces. Think of the beautiful aromas you can have, giving guests the show home feel. Having a fresh bunch of flowers to match the season (who doesn’t love a daffodil?), a diffuser to fill the room with a lovely scent, a candle on the go. This can draw people’s eyes to certain areas you are particularly proud of and show your home at its finest for you to enjoy too.


Spring Clean Your Home

If you are starting a spring clean this season, we hope you will find our tips helpful to put a spring in your step.


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Published on 30th March 2022