5 things to think about before you start your self-build journey

Any home project can feel daunting at the start but starting an entire house build can be a very overwhelming feeling, and in turn, could put you off building your dream home.  Fear not, we have a brief guide on how to start a self-build project. Some of the key things to think about as you embark on your self-build journey.
How to start a self-build project
The governments help to build scheme is in place to make the self-build process one that is more accessible to a greater number of people.  By building your own home you are creating the home you want and need focusing on your unique requirements and meeting all your interior dreams.  To begin a self-build, you don’t need to have extensive knowledge or experience within the construction industry. However, we have put together some information on areas to be aware of before beginning your building journey.

Finding the perfect location for your self-build project

One of the first steps in any house build is finding the perfect location.  The joy of a self-build is creating exactly what you want from the ground up. This includes picking the location that best suits your needs. There needs to be a consideration as to if planning would be allowed on the site, thinking about if the foundations are there or if there is access. Taking this into account can save money in the long run and ensure the land will be the perfect location for the house of your dreams to be built.  Carrying out checks on the site is crucial- if you have a specific design or style you need to check if that would be approved as it may not be in keeping with the local architecture and can cause an issue to get approved.


What do you need to know before purchasing land?

How to start a self-build project


Ideally, before the land is even purchased you would be aware of the foundations or the groundwork. By knowing what is or possibly is not there you can be aware of the work and expense you have to cover. Additionally, by having this checked you will see any issues that lie beneath such as issues within the soil, hidden pipes… Being armed with full information can ensure that you know the full extent of the work and shows if this is a safe and feasible plot of land for your house to be built. Scoping out the land and the local area before purchase and work beginning will help reduce further costs from being incurred and reduce the risk of any surprise issues occurring down the line.  Being fully prepared with all the information on the land, similarly to how you would before purchasing a pre-built home is an essential step for your safety, finances, and the success of your build.


How to finance your self-build project

Another crucial step is ensuring the finance to be able to fund your project. This can be done through obtaining new  help to build a mortgage, remortgage  a home to release funds to enable you to cover the costs of creating your dream home. This is where we can support you in ensuring you can secure the funds you will need to make your self build dreams a reality. We look at several different options to find the best option for you and finding you the best financial option for you.



What style of property can I build?How to start a self-build project

Once you have secured finance it’s important to consider the possible builds you can make. This can include a number of different factors. For example, depending on the location the build and style you may be able to build can differ and impact whether planning permission would be granted, and the build can go ahead. Additionally, you need to be aware of what your limits are and factor in all the costs and possible unexpected costs that you may incur during your build. Creating a clear budget with room for any issues that may occur during the build can ensure you are financially secure before beginning the project.


How to start a self-build project

DIY or Contractors for self-building

Finally, are you willing to build with your own two hands or are you planning on getting a team of contractors in to complete the build  for you? Being aware of what you can do yourself and how involved with the practical sides of the build is important to consider.  If you need to secure external professionals to aid in the build, factoring in the costs to do this, working out time scales and ensuring they are available to complete the build within these. If you plan to build yourself knowing what you are capable of doing and ensuring you have taken into account the safety factors, time to complete the project and factoring in if your confidence with the task ahead. Doing some DIY and tackling yourself can save money when the budget you are working within is tight but having professionals and a team can be quicker and again provide the support of having people who know exactly what needs to be done. You may consider doing part DIY build and the other half using the professionals for areas you are unable to complete. Everyone’s build, budget and wants will differ and this is why the planning stage prior to the build will be so important to you.



There are many stages throughout the self-build process and making sure you have the right support to enable you to understand and give you the correct advice to ensure it’s a smooth and simple process. Speaking to one of  our mortgage advisors can be a great start. They will also be able to support you with obtaining a self-build or help to build mortgage. Windsor Hill, our advisors provide support throughout the entire process and are on call throughout to aid you until you are within your dream house.
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How to start a self-build project