Ways to improve the value of your property during lockdown

For many, life in lockdown has meant that we are working from home, with a significantly shorter commute to and from work and the ability to work in a far more flexible manner, in many cases providing us with time that quite frankly we may not have seen for years and years. Then there are some of us who have been Furloughed and simply are not allowed to do their work.

For the first few weeks, maybe even months that seems great. However, there is only so much of the News and Netflix we can watch.


If you are considering selling your property

If you are considering selling your property, then perhaps this is your chance to make good use of that time to see if you can increase your property value. After all, first impressions can be the difference between someone wanting to buy your house, or purchasing another. Simple things like a well-kept garden, pathways and fences go an awfully long way, not to mention a freshly painted front door.


When you enter a property it is very easy to say ‘look past the mess’, but for many, it is not always that easy and mess can lead to negative thoughts that in turn can reflect badly on the saleability of the property. Even if you are just chucking all of your children’s toys or your clothes in the bottom of a cupboard, at least it will be out of sight.


If you take a look around any sinks, baths or showers, then quite regularly you will find that this can become a bit of an eyesore, and again it can add to the concept of a lower value. Most of the time to redo the grouting in the tiles or the silicon around the sinks is not a huge cost, more than anything it is the amount of time involved that can put people off sorting it.


It is not exactly the best time to consider a new kitchen being installed with the Covid-19 situation and this is highly associated with the risk of overdeveloping your property. However, a far cheaper option could be a new splash of paint to brighten the place up and create that warm feeling that most people desire when they are searching for their home.


Chris Hood ANAEA, Branch Manager of local agents Cooper and Tanner says: ”When showing a prospective buyer around a property, first impressions are everything. Within a few minutes, a buyer often decides whether the property could be their next home, therefore it is essential to create a clean, tidy and inviting home. To maximise the chance of achieving the best possible price, we advise sellers to de-clutter as much as possible and allow in as much natural light as possible. A newly painted room, mowed lawns, clean carpets and even adding some fresh flowers can sound obvious, however, putting in the effort prior to house viewings can be the difference between securing an offer or not.”


More than anything it is a matter of getting your property ready, putting that extra time and effort in that you now have to make your property an easier yes to potential buyers.


Published on 3rd June 2020