High Value Borrowing

High value mortgage specialists

As mortgage specialists, we at Windsor Hill have had a great deal of experience with high value loans, and we understand the finer points that need to be handled differently.

When dealing with properties valued at £1 million and more, a partner with the right expertise is even more crucial. 

We pride ourselves on our local experience and market understanding and insights, and we have longstanding relationships with premier teams of specialist lenders to ensure that you receive the best deal and top quality service.

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A Bespoke Approach

We treat high value loans as a specialist area of operations, with dedicated experts at your disposal who will develop solutions based on all factors, such as multiple income streams and your existing property portfolio. 

While a more “standardised” approach to calculations can lead to inaccurate results, rest assured that our clients speak of their confidence in our services and specialist knowledge. 

In every case, we will help you to calculate the affordability of your mortgage and the best options to suit your specific requirements. Whether you’re planning to spend £500,000 or £5 million, speak to our exclusive team and find a solution that adds value to your portfolio and your experience.

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