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Designed for mature homeowners, typically aged 55 and above
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Access a portion of the value tied up in a property, without having to sell or move out

An equity release mortgage, also known as a lifetime mortgage, is a financial product designed for mature homeowners, typically aged 55 and above, who own their homes outright or have a significant amount of equity in their properties.


Lifetime Mortgage

In a lifetime mortgage, homeowners can borrow a lump sum or receive regular payments while retaining ownership of their property. The loan, including interest, is repaid when the homeowner passes away or moves into long-term care. This type of equity release mortgage is the most common.


This plan involves selling a portion or the entire property to a home reversion provider in exchange for a lump sum or regular payments. The homeowner can continue to live in the property until they pass away or move into long-term care, at which point the property is sold, and the provider receives their share of the sale proceeds.

Who could benefit from an equity release mortgage?

You may wish to consider an equity release mortgage if you value the following financial benefits and priorities:

Retirement Income

Equity release mortgages are often used by retirees who need additional income to support their lifestyle, supplement their retirement funds, or cover unexpected expenses without selling their homes.

Ageing in Place

Some older individuals wish to remain in their current homes and communities as they age. Equity release mortgages can provide the necessary funds for home modifications or in-home care, enabling them to stay in a familiar environment.

Debt Consolidation

Older homeowners with existing debts or mortgages may use equity release to consolidate their financial obligations into a more manageable single loan with lower monthly payments.

Enhancing Quality of Life

Homeowners may want to fund activities, travel, or experiences they've been dreaming of in retirement, and equity release can provide the means to do so.

Providing Financial Assistance

Some individuals use equity release to help family members, such as children or grandchildren, with large expenses like education, a first home purchase, or starting a business.

Making equity release mortgages easy for you

Windsor Hill works closely with individuals considering an equity release mortgage to help them make an informed decision based on individual needs and circumstances.

Speak to one of our expert team members today to help you with your equity release mortgage requirements at 01225 962 456 or email info@windsorhillmortgages.co.uk

With Windsor Hill Mortgages, the path to homeownership or refinancing is clear and straightforward, transforming what could be overwhelming into a smooth, informed process.



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